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Our Story

And they designed happily ever after...

In January 2008 Jeremiah Good Design (JGD) was launched, specializing in visual communication design, or graphic design and photography. At first it was a 1-man show focused on logo/brand development, T-shirt designs, publications, advertising and marketing strategy, and print items like posters, business cards, and invitations. On the photography front, it was about senior portraits and documentary.


In 2009, my beautiful wife joined me on the team (we were married August 15, 2009) and she brought a unique background (architecture) to the table. Together we’ve shot engagement pictures, weddings, and captured some amazing scenes just because. We’ve also designed many items together (starting with our own wedding invitations and program) like postcards, logos, and fliers—and this website!


We bring a unique edge of creative expression and business venture to every project we work on. Our vast knowledge of Adobe® software and the printing process (pre- and post-production) have helped our clients to go beyond what they thought was possible. We step up to the challenge and listen to the client’s needs so that everyone benefits. If it’s a logo or a whole branding package you need, or just a simple T-shirt design, we can help you take that next step and advertise your event, your company, and/or your style.


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